Born and raised in a family of artists, Benjamin Decoin has always been surrounded by visual arts. He started his career in 2000, travelling (sailing!) the world and writing text for travel and cinema magazines.

He developed a love for photography and his passion for portraits and people made him soon became a renowned celebrity photographer. His ability to put people at ease and his pictures, recognizable for the story they tell, their bright and intense look, allow him to gain the trust of major celebrities.

Benjamin is currently based in Paris with his creative team where he can host full production projects and organise everything from pre- to post-production. While he travels all around the world for his clients and assignments, he tries to keep some time for his personal projects, mainly focused on the sea, on and under water. He collaborates with major European magazines and French luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and department stores such as Le Printemps.

Livres / Expositions

Charles de Gaulle - Belem - 2019
Exposition durant l'Armada 2019 - Galerie Sequana, Rouen

Haïti - 2018
Exposition au Festival du Film d'Angoulême

Il était une fois Tchernobyl - 2018
Projet de livre - texte et photos

L'épopée Transatlantique - 2018
Exposition à la Mairie du Havre

Le Charles de Gaulle - 2017
Editions du Chêne / EPA

Exposition au 44e Salon de la Marine - 2017
Musée de la Marine

Haïti - 2017
Projet d'édition avec Jimmy Jean-Louis

Haïti - 2017
Exposition à Pontoise juillet/aout 2017

Corée du Nord - Plongée au cœur d’un Etat totalitaire – 2016
Livre de photographies aux éditions du Chêne.

Le Charles de Gaulle - 2016
Exposition sur les murs de l’Hotel de Ville de Paris, puis exposition itinérante.

Les Rencontres d’Arles - 2015
Exposition collective Marque Page Havas

Le Belem - 12/2015
Exposition au salon nautique de Paris.

Le Belem - 10/2015
Livre de photographies aux éditions du Chêne.

Le Charles de Gaulle - 12/2014
Exposition au Pavillon Gabriel avec l’ADOSM.

Festival de Cannes - 2013
Exposition de portraits de comédiens dans le cadre de L’œil du photographe.

Festival SCOOP Angers - 2011
Exposition de portraits de celebrités.